Playful Words

Hear from our participants and collaborators on how our experiential learning programs are changing the way we work and connect

“Dara is amazing, she’s nothing but energy, she brings herself all the time, she’s very present and — delightful is probably the best word.” — Brendan Boyle, IDEO Partner

“What a great experience and what a great way to unleash some creativity. We learned the power of fun and the key takeaway is how we can get caught up in structures and process and bureaucracy and it taught us that play is a great way to create energy, create innovation and build relationships to connect with each other.” - Carolyn Bell, Executive Director Epworth Healthcare

“It was through play-based learning that the team were able to uncover and have some conversations that they might not have had so naturally and easily, that happened through their interactions of LEGO or improv that loosened their rational thinking and opened the space for different conversations.” - Elizabeth Fritzlaff, Senior OD Consultant, ME Bank