We Love Our Job



DAra Simkin, Director

Dara considers herself a play pioneer and supports professionals, entrepreneurs and change-makers with finding more connection, innovation and creativity in their work. A true kid at heart, she believes play is something we should never lose. As a certified coach, she is in the business of transcending the work-play dualism, to make room for purpose and mastery in the workplace. As a speaker + facilitator, she brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to create a safe, supportive and playful space. Dara studied communications and theatre and has a background in marketing and event management.



Merrilee McCoy, Facilitator

Merrilee is a is a 'multipotentialite' with over 12 years in the creative industries, both on and off stage. These days, Merrilee gets her juice from helping regular people connect with the power of creativity. Merrilee has performed and taught improvisation in Australia, NZ, and the USA. She’s written and directed Sketch comedy shows, and been on the inside of several large festivals. Merrilee currently works with NYC storytelling powerhouse The Moth to coordinate their Melbourne story slams, and with Trash Puppets making, as you might guess, puppets out of trash. Outside of these projects, Merrilee is an avid podcast listener, tea drinker, and lounge room dancer.