Building a culture of creative thinkers

We live in a  world of endless possibility. 

But within this possibility lies a very interesting paradox. One that relies on the coexistence of seemingly opposite concepts: play and discipline, high standards and tolerance for failure, deep experts and broad thinkers. 

Successful innovation depends on the ability to lead in this paradox — to focus on important problems, while embracing the humanity of innovation; that it’s messy, unpredictable, and chaotic. 

Our programs create a safe, playful container to empower your people to be conscious, creative contributors.

How we do it

From Play to Innovation

We collaborate with IDEO partner and Play Lab founder, Brendan Boyle, exploring the power of play as it relates to innovation. Here’s what Brendan has to say:


How do we build a culture of innovation?

  • Learn from failure

  • Talk less, do more

  • Collaborate

  • Make others successful

  • Be optimistic

If you’re curious about Play + Innovation, check out our program inspired by Stanford’s