Take it to the Next Level

Most organisations have the challenge of establishing better, faster and stronger outcomes for themselves and their clients.  We have created a professional-development program that prioritises employee's creative education. Our program has been inspired by Pixar University. We call it, CuriosityU. 

Around 90 percent of your workday is "in a box" -- you only get to do certain tasks related to your position. At CuriosityU, all the boxes get removed, the walls come down, and you get to be the director of your own creative destiny. 



Not the scary kind. We're big on psychological safety and will never embarrass or call anyone out. The point of improv is to push employees to try new things, trust one another and test new ideas.

"If you don't create an atmosphere in which risk can be easily taken, in which weird ideas can be floated, then it's likely you're going to be producing work that will look derivative in the marketplace," said Pixar University Dean Randy Nelson.

"Those kind of irrational what-ifs eventually lead to something that makes you go, 'Wow, I never would have thought about it.'"

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Creativity & Innovation Education

Learning about creativity and innovation is a huge part of our curriculum. We draw on some of the world's best to educate your staff on what it means to create and innovate. We get our inspiration from IDEO, to help your staff understand what it means to think big. 


Hands-on, Minds-On Workshops

We believe the best way to learn is through experience. Our curriculum is built around both experiential and visceral workshops, with plenty of reflection time. It's up to the participants to learn exactly what they need to, so they can apply it to their everyday.