Creative Capability Basics

Half day - 3 hours


Creative Capability Basics explores how we can harness the unique skills we have as human beings to allow our natural creativity to flow.

It’s a no brainer that creativity and collaboration are core skills in the workplace. We can not navigate ambiguity without a curious, beginner's mind. Cultivating a playful mindset is the missing puzzle piece to embracing this uncertainty. 

With play, we give ourselves the ability to adapt to change, build trust and open new ways of working, thinking, and leading. Great, innovative work cannot happen without trial-and-error, experimentation and a little good old fashioned tomfoolery.


  • Overcoming the common barriers to creativity

  • The neuroscience of creativity

  • Relating to failure in a different way  

  • The power of creative brainstorming

  • Practical tools you can use to get yourself and your team supporting each other’s ideas