Building a culture of creativity with “Yes, and”

Play has the power to unlock our creative confidence and transform the way we work and lead. 

Our experiential learning programs support organisations to think big, support each other’s ideas and embrace playful chaos to build a culture of creativity and innovation.

Experiential Learning Programs

Our play-based approach unlocks the mindsets and attitudes your team needs to foster optimism, collaboration and creativity

How we do it:

  • Build a psychologically safe culture with purposeful play

  • De-risk creativity to have the confidence to push boundaries and do the unconventional

  • Improve retention by empowering employees to think creatively, experiment and fail intelligently

  • Improve collaboration by breaking down silos

  • Assist high-performers with stress management + productivity

Play it Forward: Playful Leadership Program

We provide leaders with the skills needed to drive change within their organisation

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