Creativity Building for Your Team

How do you want your people to think, feel and act differently? Our programs are experiential and flexible to meet your team's needs. Whether you are looking to do a total culture revamp, become more innovative, bring new and old teams together or have a bit of fun, we offer a safe space and deep learning to maximise your company's outcomes both on-site and off-site. 


Jam packed with activities to get your team playing and learning, we offer a range of workshops from improvisation, art and movement, the LEGO Serious Play method and more to get your people stepping outside of their comfort zones to create and collaborate. 

Two-Day Workshop

Sometimes one day is just not enough to foster more creativity and collaboration within a team. We offer both on-site or off-site programs to give your business the opportunity to fully immerse itself in purposeful play and deep learning. 


2-day Innovation workshop

We've teamed up with ImagineNation to bring you The Start-Up Game™ Over 2-days your people will experiment with the key phases in initiating, designing, developing and realising a start-up company, enabling players to experiment with the innovative, lean and agile entrepreneurial concepts and techniques. 


We collaborate with ImagineNation and its innovation eco-system partners, to provide businesses with both a quantitative and qualitative understanding as to its ability to adapt and grow in the context of innovation. 


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