Why + How We Play

With play we give ourselves the ability to adapt to change and open new ways of working, thinking, and interacting. Having a focus on what the future will be as part of future proofing is misguided, the future can play out in as many different ways as you can imagine.

If 10 years ago we tried to build a future based on our projections, we would undoubtably be wrong. We want dynamic workplaces of the present to work well NOW and to continue to work well tomorrow. We don't need to fear the future or "proof" ourselves from it.

We must work on being more connected and adaptive, now, and welcome the future with open arms and open minds. 


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How Project Play was Born

This whole play business came about when our founder, Dara Simkin, decided she wanted to bring summer camp to Australia - having gone to summer camp in the US for most of her life.

For her 30th birthday she organised Camp Simkin for 40 of her friends and it was a huge hit. Soon after she developed a business model for an adult summer camp and launched Camp Kidinyou. Sadly, the camp didn't get legs and she had to pull the plug. But, with every failure there are opportunities and so back to the drawing board she went.

After researching the market and exploring the idea of play at work in other countries, taking much of her inspiration from design thinking powerhouse IDEO, Project Play was born. 

adult summer camp
adult summer camp


So what's all this play business about?

Our programs are an environment for brains to play, which is a powerful tool for professionals to develop their creative capacities. 

“Most people think that the opposite of play is work (especially in the corporate world) but the opposite is boredom or even depression.” - Brendan Boyle, IDEO

What is Play?

"Play is an ancient, voluntary, inherently pleasurable, apparently purposeless activity or process that is undertaken for its own sake and that strengthens our muscles and our social skills, fertilizes brain activity, tempers and deepens our emotions, takes us out of time, and enables a state of balance and poise." - Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play

Other Playful Resources

Having a play mindset is the missing puzzle piece to every great discovery and invention. We've put together some of our favourite resources about play so you can learn more about the incredible benefits.