Our best ideas come to us, not when we're stressed or overwhelmed, but when we're refreshed. 

We support budding entrepreneurs and established business owners explore new possibilities and fresh perspectives through our immersion program.

This weekend is designed for people

  • Who are looking to clear their mind and reset to strategise for the new year
  • Who feel burnt out from working IN their business, instead of ON their business
  • Who seek the confidence to market themselves and their business
  • Who have the drive to create and innovate, not only for themselves, but for their team and need tools to do so
  • Who seek connectedness and understand the importance of meeting like-minded people
  • Who need space to reconnect with their 'WHY'
  • Who want to let go of perfectionism, embrace change and manage failure

After this weekend you will walk away with

  • Insights into how play sparks creativity and innovation
  • Better coping strategies for stress and overwhelm
  • How to bring the love back into what you do
  • Ideas on how to integrate purposeful play in to your business
  • A clear mind and clearer purpose
  • Amazing new contacts with like-minded professionals

What's Included?


  • Strategic Play using the LEGO ® Serious Play ® Method
  • Professional workshops around personal branding, purpose and engagement
  • Meditation
  • Trash Puppets workshop
  • Outdoor activities and games

Meet Our A-team of Speakers


What else is included?


Leave your wallet at home because when you arrive, we have everything you need to make your stay with us as enjoyable and easy as possible. 

  • Two-night accommodation in male or female bunk room
  • All-you-can-eat wood fired pizza Friday night
  • Beer and Wine Friday and Saturday Night
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning
  • Proper coffee Saturday and Sunday Morning by Bonappuccino
  • Amazing healthy lunch spread on Saturday
  • Juices from Pressed Juices
  • Dinner with one of Melbourne's best BBQ joints - Fancy Hank's


Give Yourself Permission 

The people who actually innovate, learn and create change each day get, take and most importantly -giver permission to do so. The positive energy, creativity and insights that are usually lost in workplace norms and routines can be regained with these three simple practices. Business owners have one of the most important roles as the permission-giver to encourage innovative thinking, significant learning and employee engagement. Give yourself and your employees permission to play.

Immerse Yourself

Immersion is a gift we rarely give ourselves. There are plenty of excuses and distractions that keep us from surrendering ourselves to a single exploration. 

Big Shout Out to Our Partners!