Pause to Play

Pause Fest 2018 | February 9-12

We are teaming up with Pause Fest this year to create a unique play experience. Stay tuned for more details! 


Our best ideas come to us, not when we're stressed or overwhelmed, but when we're refreshed. 

We support entrepreneurs, creative professionals and established business owners explore new possibilities and fresh perspectives through our immersion program.

This weekend is designed for people

  • Who want to reignite their creativity and think more innovativley
  • Who have the drive to create and innovate, not only for themselves, but for their team and need tools to do so
  • Who seek connectedness and understand the importance of meeting like-minded people
  • Who feel burnt out and are looking for inspiration
  • Who need space to reconnect with their 'WHY'
  • Who want to let go of perfectionism, embrace change and manage failure
  • Who are looking for something different and want to have some fun!

What's Included?


  • Professional speakers and industry experts
  • Creativity workshops
  • Outdoor activities and games
  • All meals and accomodation

After the program you will walk away with

  • Insights into how play sparks creativity and innovation
  • Better coping strategies for stress and overwhelm
  • How to bring the love back into what you do
  • Ideas on how to integrate purposeful play in to your business
  • A clear mind and clearer purpose
  • Amazing new contacts with like-minded professionals