Productivity Paranoia

I was wondering if you identify with the idea of productivity paranoia? I've been doing a lot of research in the field of play and I have a few productivity hacks I wanted to share with you to spread the word about the importance of play at work, so you can play too.

1. Replace Yes, but with Yes, enter a new world of possibility, action and adventure. Saying yes is an act of courage and optimism, allowing you to share control. Saying yes also prevents you from blocking which is an idea that comes from improvisation.

Blocking is a way of trying to control the situation instead of accepting it. Blocking comes in many forms from saying no, to thinking we have a better idea, changing the subject, failing to listen, correcting the speaker or flat out ignoring the situation. Try to say yes to everything for just one day.

2. When you screw up, say "Tah-Dah" and take a bow. Creating humility in the face of failure makes it a whole lot easier to deal with.

3. Imagine a box sitting in front of you. Take a moment to really see the box. What colour is the wrapping? Does it have a bow or ribbon? How big is the box? Now pick it up and feel the weight and shake it carefully. Now carefully unwrap it and open the box. What's the first thing you see? Take out your gift and examine it.

Notice the details. What did you find? Did you surprise yourself? Was this easy or did you freeze or think it's silly? Maybe you thought of the object before even opening the box? Maybe you didn't like what was inside and you immediately rejected it and tried to think of something else? These are normal control strategies.

We take responsibility for the content of our environment and "think up" something in the box. Isn't that what you were supposed to do? Think of something in the box? No, Relax. You don't need to try so hard. Trust the gift is already there and then discover it. There is always something in the box - reality puts it there.