Give Yourself Permission this Year

Are you feeling bogged down by workplace norms and daily routines? It seems like sometimes we're just going through the motions of eat, sleep, work, repeat. Perhaps you entered 2017 ripping and roaring with enthusiasm, but now you're just back to the grind.

I am going to let you in on a littler secret I recently discovered: PERMISSION.

The people who actually learn, innovate and create change everyday get, take and most importantly - give permission to do so. The positive energy, creativity and insights that are usually lost in those workplace norms and routines can be regained with these three simple practices and the good news is that these can be practiced by anyone at any level. - Pamela Meyer, Permission

In order for us to feel inspired, connected or creative, we have got to give ourselves permission to do so. 

Give Permission

The permission-giver is one of the most important roles anyone can play to encourage creativity, significant learning and engagement at work. Instead of just saying you’re going to do something, you actually behave in line with your values. Do you know what your values are? If you want to see change, you must BE the change. Most of us are well trained to follow the rules, so it’s important to give permission to, not only yourself, but to others to stretch their thinking and challenge assumptions.

Take Permission

People who make shit happen don’t just sit around and wait for permission; they take it. They dive right in and happily lead the way, risking their reputation, to clear the path for those of us who are too timid to speak up or be the first to try something new. Thanks to permission-takers, we now know its okay to challenge, questions and stand up for what we believe in.

Get Permission

The most successful permission-getters don’t leave inspiration to chance: they are intentional and explicit in their search. Some of the most effective change-makers actively seek out provocative examples to give them permission to push beyond their own ideas and preconceptions.

Some of the best ways to introduce permission into our lives is by creating a safe space, being ourselves, getting over ourselves and not take things too seriously.

By giving yourself and others permission to bring their whole selves, great ideas and fresh perspectives to each conversation and collaboration at work, things inevitably become more engaging and even more fun.

Now go forth and play the game of permission! You now have permission to:

·     Listen to your body

·     Change your point of view

·     Be silly

·     Incubate

·     Iterate

·     Move

·     Be Human

·     Ask Questions

·     Ask for what you need

·     Be enthusiastic

·     Be quiet

·     Bring Your Whole Self

·     Connect

·     Include

·     Play

·     Practice

·     Celebrate

·     Immerse Yourself

·     Make a Mess

·     Fail

·     Take a risk

·     Walk Away

·     Improvise

·     Say I don’t know

·     Rest

·     Wonder

·     Start Now!