So what's all this Project Play business about?

Project Play fosters creativity, encourages innovative thinking and improves employee engagement by cultivating a new culture of business with strategic play. 

By utilising research in the field of play from neurophysiology and psychology, to animal play behaviour and evolutionary biology, Project Play has crafted strategic play programs for professionals and businesses. 

Our immersion program is an environment for brains to play, which is a powerful tool for professionals to develop their creative capacities. When we give ourselves permission to step outside of our comfort zone, we experience significant learning. Creating a safe space through permission is one of the most important tools anyone can adopt to encourage innovative thinking and deep self-reflection. 

As we grow older, play gets a bad rep - seen as immature, frivolous and ridiculous. Play creates ridiculous ideas and big innovation lives right on the edge of ridiculous.  “Most people think that the opposite of play is work (especially in the corporate world) but the opposite is boredom or even depression.” - Brendan Boyle, IDEO

More of - Why Play?

According to the National Institute for Play, extensive scientific research describes how play shapes our brains, creates our competencies, reduces stress and balances our emotions. 


Our Mission

Bridge the gap between work and play.


Meet Our Play Master

Dara Simkin is an Author, Doer and all around Fun Maker. She is a true kid at heart and believes play is something we should never lose. She is in the business of transcending the work-play dualism, to make room for purpose and mastery, because all work and no play makes everything and everyone a whole lot duller. As a certified Mindset Coach and accredited behavioural analyst, she works on building awareness and conscious practices for individuals and businesses. She loves dress-ups, festivals, dance parties, camping, laughing and connecting. When she's off the clock you can find her reading a good book, at yoga or eating pizza.

You can find out more about Dara HERE. She loves a chat. 


You can play too!

When we were kids we were inspired, happy and whole. Play came naturally. We didn't need a reason to use our imagination. 

Fast forward a couple decades and we have bills, schedules, obligations, responsibilities and lots of stress. Through the journey into adulthood, the majority of us lose the time and energy for play. Disconnect from busy and give yourself permission to play. Now is your chance to work ON your business, instead of IN your business.

Other Playful Resources

Having a play mindset is the missing puzzle piece to every great discovery and invention. We've put together some of our favourite resources about play so you can learn more about the incredible benefits of play.