We believe play lies at the core of creativity and innovation.

Project Play fosters creativity, encourages innovative thinking and improves employee engagement with experiential workshops and creative team building.

"If necessity is the Mother of Invention, then Play is its Father"

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How do you want your people to think, feel & act differently? We offer a range of experiential workshops and creative team building to improve employee engagement and boost productivity.



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Justin Kabbani, MD & Owner at Hardhat Digital

More than anything I was excited for the team to have the opportunity to be together and do something different especially in the game that we’re in. We’re often working on something for month’s on end in the virtual world that may be live for a week or two weeks and then it’s gone with no trace. So the opportunity to work with physical things like LEGO and trash to create puppets has an important therapeutic value, as well as the opportunity to express creativity.


Michelle Lee, Design for Play, IDEO

The music was such an amazing touch. Loved how it helped us get in the mood. Also enjoyed the range of activities. It was fun to see our different interpretations of how to bring a concept to life.


Ben Beath, Managing Director, Loud & CleAr

Dara and colleagues ran a game-changing workshop for our team. The workshop combined thought-provoking strategy and mindset games using Lego, with an opportunity for our engineers, project managers and client services teams to work together in new ways. The workshop was as insightful as it was enjoyable, and our team has already started putting some of those insights into practice.

We received great feedback from our team and highly recommend the workshop.

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