Play fertilises the brain, opens the imagination & fosters a sense of optimism.

Project Play believes that play has the power to transform the way we live, work and lead. Our work supports organisations and leaders to cultivate a new culture of business.

Project Play transcends the work-play dualism to help build engaged, dynamic and creative workplaces of today.

Experiential Workshops

We offer a range of experiential programs for leaders and teams to:

  • De-risk creativity to have the confidence to think differently and do the unconventional
  • Improve retention by engaging and empowering employees
  • Manage collaboration in chronically 'siloed' organisations
  • Assist high-performers with stress management and productivity

Creative Mindset Coaching

We offer one-on-one business coaching for leaders and managers to:

  • Overcome common barriers to creativity
  • Equip leaders with tools to lead creatively within their organisation
  • Navigate personal challenges with the support of our expert coach


Creativity is what keeps organisations ahead in the marketplace. That means you, as a leader, need to empower your team to generate and execute bold ideas.” - Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

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